The Flavor Tree Fruit Company, LLC

On behalf of the Warmerdam family and The Flavor Tree Fruit Company, thank you for your interest.  

The Flavor Tree Fruit Company is a fruit marketing company started in 2009 by the Warmerdam family of Hanford California and long-time fruit marketer Maurice Cameron.  The primary goal of the company is to bridge the gap between the growers and the customers, to share information from field to the retail shelf, to bring innovations from customers to the growers and from growers to the customer, and to insure the consumer has a consistent flavorful satisfying event every time he or she bites into our safely and sustainably produced fruit.

We are very excited about the 2014 season and are anticipating one of our earliest start dates to the California Cherry season this year with our proprietary Sequoia variety!  The Warmerdam family and The Flavor Tree Fruit Company have been working hard to bring a lot of innovation to the cherry category.  In 2011 we reached the milestone of shipping the majority of our cherries in exclusive proprietary varieties.  We also added our line of Sequoia Valley Organic cherries, which includes one of the earliest large plantings of California organic cherries, and the only Organic cherry line to include our proprietary varieties like the SEQUOIA® and YOSEMITE.

CHERRY BOMBS!® are truly an explosion of flavor!  Our unique consumer item will bring your customers one of the most exciting crunches and full flavor ever to be found in a cherry.  There are no other cherries like it, our patents and trademarks assure you of that.  Demand exceeds supply, so ask us early about these!

In 2011, we introduced our Verry Cherry Plum, letting the trade know about our proprietary Cherry x Plum cross, or is it a Plum X Cherry cross?  This awesome piece of fruit ripens mid-summer and adds a new dimension to our winning cherry program.  

We have had many years experience exporting our cherries around the world, and for many years the cherry production had been audited for Good Agricultural Practices  2010 marked the first season that the Warmerdam's farming unit extended GlobalGAP auditing from its cherry production to its entire fresh fruit line.  Please visit our page entitled "Our Culture". 

Mo Cameron is diligently working to keep global customers happy with the highest quality fruit available  George Neves is looking after domestic and Canadian accounts, assisted by Kaleb Smith.  Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Audrey Warmerdam are happy to have their son John Warmerdam and the entire team of Warmerdam Packing and Excelsior Farming always at your disposal for further information

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