Being green is just smart business.  

Sustainable agriculture practice integrates three goals of environmental stewardship, farm profitability and prosperous farming communities.   Being good stewards of the earth has its unique challenges,  but many opportunities exist to lessen the impact of our operations while continuing to strive for economic sustainability.

Some techniques used in the production of our fruit that enables us to be good stewards are:
  • minimization of chemical inputs wherever possible
  • the use of natural cover crops to enrich the soil, reduce fertilization needs, reduce ground water contamination, and sequester  thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide per acre
  • the production and use of renewable energy for the majority of our operating needs
  • replacing non-recyclable non-reusable materials in the field with safe multi-use materials
  • recycling of waste heat from the cooling process for other uses
  • utilization of natural ground water temperature to reduce the amount of cooling required
  • recycling of water used in the packing process for irrigation
  • use of micro-irrigation in order to diminish water consumption
  • use of integrated pest management as a pest control strategy
Our farming operation is audited annually for good agricultural practice including being good stewards of the earth in accordance with the GlobalGAP standard. Additionally our operation is certified in compliance with the Field-to-Fork scheme on a biannual basis.