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Cherries Glamour®

The world's earliest springtime cherries, grown in Spain's Ebro River Valley. 

The Flavor Tree Fruit Company LLC is pleased to exclusively offer to our North American customers some of the world's most famous cherries--the only cherries in the world harvested in the month of March. 

Cherries Glamour® are carefully cultivated in greenhouses in Catalonia in the northeast of Spain. Grown with patented horticultural practices, these cherries are harvested by hand each day from mid-March through April. They are exported the same day they are harvested. Because of the special treatment they receive under greenhouse conditions, the cherries are harvested at the peak of their maturity, and they consistently have beautiful color, high brix and the crunchiness you would anticipate from the some of the world's finest cherries.

The growers of Cherries Glamour® are dedicated to a strong food safety regimen; the greenhouses are GlobalGAP certified and the packhouse is audited under a European GFSI compliant food safety scheme.

Cherries Glamour® are available in a variety of different pack styles and arrive to you jet-fresh from Spain.

Cherries Glamour® is a registered trademark of S.A.T. Edoa and is used by The Flavor Tree Fruit Company LLC with the trademark owner's permission for the exclusive marketing of their cherries in North America. PRODUCT OF SPAIN