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CHERRY BOMBS® after harvest being run through our pack line. Can you find the cherry with the stem still attached?

CHERRY BOMBS® is a registered trademark of The Flavor Tree Fruit Company, LLC

Cherry Bombs®

CHERRY BOMBS® are truly an explosion of flavor!

CHERRY BOMBS® are a novelty cherry that are dark red to black, with deep red internal maturity, very high brix and are crunchy, crunchy, crunchy!  They just happen to be stemless as well.  We pick them stemless right from the trees!  Only select orchards qualify for CHERRY BOMBS® status.

This cherry is available in mid-May for a limited time and in short supply.  The feedback from the trade as well as retail customers has been phenomenal.

CHERRY BOMBS® are packed in a euro carton with 16 x 16 ounces (one pound) clamshells with a UPC code on the bottom of each clam.

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