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Verry Cherry Plum

A delicious new fruit that has been winning over consumers since 2011. 

The Verry Cherry Plum is a delicious new hybrid fruit that is a cross between multiple varieties of cherries and plums. This proprietary variety is exclusive to The Flavor Tree Fruit Company LLC and has an outstanding following among consumers. Sometimes it’s difficult for us to keep up with all the fan mail, phone calls, and e-mails that we receive in season. 

Verry Cherry Plum is the size of a small plum, which is a portion size that is very popular with parents. The unique flavor appeals to an educated palate, but the sweetness, crunchiness, juiciness and attractiveness of the fruit makes it a sure sell with the kids! The subtle combinations of flavors combined with the punch of 21-22 degrees brix* makes this an outstanding mid-summer treat! 

We offer the Verry Cherry Plum in clamshells and will soon be introducing a branded high-graphic stand-up PLU pouchbag. We also offer loose pack volume fill cartons for specialty retailers who prefer that presentation.

This fruit is a hit around the world!  Retailers in America, China, England and Singapore can’t get enough of them! Our program is growing and we would like to grow this with you. Be sure to visit our Facebook page where you can see consumer responses to our product, and also visit our consumer webpage at