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Our Fruit

California cherries

The Flavor Tree Fruit Company offers you one of the most important line-ups of California cherries. We start in the earliest producing areas of Arvin and Maricopa with excellent growers who are committed to our program of exclusive varietals as well as other early season cherries. Our Sequoias® grow well in Kern County, and many years they are the first on to market. Brooks cherries from select orchards in  Maricopa are known to have deep color and broad shoulders and unsurpassable taste and crunchiness. We move up to our primary growing region of Hanford with many Brooks, Sequoia®, the famous Warmerdam Tulares, well-cultivated Rainiers and Royal Rainiers, followed by our new Yosemite™ variety. It is in this region that we have our test plot where we are developing many new varieties for the years to come. Our late-season cherries, like Regina and Skeena, harvest at the end of the Hanford district, alongside the northern Bings. Growers in Stanislaus County then begin the harvest of Garnets, and we finish with our Northern California Bings.

Yellowflesh nectarines and peaches

The Warmerdam family has a historical dedication to peaches and nectarines, having farmed these commodities for three generations. Even the original farm is just a mile or so away from the present packing house. The varietal list for yellowflesh nectarines and peaches is oh so young, with the vast majority of plantings just coming into peak production now. These are all proven varietals grown with cultivation techniques to insure high color and great taste.

Whiteflesh nectarines

SunTree® brand is known throughout the world as the mark for consistent great tasting whiteflesh nectarines. Our cultural practices bring more sunlight to the fruit, which means naturally better color and naturally more sugar. Sun +Tree = great taste! Our varietal line up brings you the best of California with consistent supply through the season.

Whiteflesh peaches

The delicate whiteflesh peach offers a subtle perfume and sweet flavor when properly cultivated. Unique harvest techniques are used to gently bring these fruit to our packing plant to minimize damage to their sensitive skin. We offer a full export and domestic program for white peaches. We are always mindful that you consistently receive fruit that looks and tastes good.