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Agricultural Section

Trees Full of Flavor

By Joshua Tehee

The Fresno Bee

Hanford Company Brings Innovative Fruit to Market. You've heard of designer drugs and designer jeans? The Flavor Tree Fruit Company deals in designer fruit.

Lead front page article in the PMA Issue

Cameron leaves Trinity, forms marketing partnership with Warmerdam Packing

By Rand Green

The Produce News

John Warmerdam, chief operating officer of Warmerdam Packing LLC in Hanford, CA, and Maurice (Mo) Cameron, sales manager of Trinity Fruit Sales Co. in Fresno, CA, jointly announced Tuesday, Sept. 29 in exclusive interviews with The Produce News that Mr. Cameron would be leaving Trinity Fruit "probably effective October 1" and forming a partnership with Warmerdam to market the company's cherries, stone fruit and other fruit beginning with the 2010 season.

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New marketing firm to handle Warmerdam Packing fruit

By Don Schrack

The Packer

Flavor Tree Fruit Co., a new firm forged in a partnership between Warmerdam Packing LLC, Hanford, Calif., and fresh fruit veteran Maurice Cameron, will market Warmerdam’s nearly 2 million cartons of fruit beginning with the 2010 season.