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Photo: Bradford Genetics

Sequoia at full maturity

Photo: Billy Warmerdam

The SEQUOIA® Cherry

The SEQUOIA® Cherry

Great color * Great taste * Exclusivity * High degree of confidence in quality and condition

Why do consumers love the SEQUOIA® Cherry?

The SEQUOIA® is one of the first cherries out in the market in United States. In fact in both 2007 and 2008 it was the first commercial cherry to be harvested in California, the earliest cherry producing state. Historically, consumers and the trade had been disappointed with early cherries, mostly because of problems such as softness (caused by lack of dry matter in the fruit), wateriness (caused by cultural practices or characteristics of the cultivar), or lack of taste (caused by premature harvesting of low-acid cultivars).

With the advent of the SEQUOIA® cherry, that all changed. Consumers can get a cherry with characteristically mature color, peak-of-the-season taste™, and a great eating experience from the first days of the season.   Due to differences in the micro-climates of our growing regions from year to year, the SEQUOIA® is not always the first cherry of the season, but it is consistently very early.

Why do retailers, wholesalers, and importers love the SEQUOIA® Cherry?

The SEQUOIA® brand assures a degree of certainty to the trade in respect to characteristics of the fruit. The trade knows that they can purchase cherries with confidence and that the measurable fruit pressures, sweetness, and maturity have been selected for the best retail and consumer experience.

Because the cultivar (variety) is exclusive to one packing company and one marketing company in California, the trade benefits from offering their customer base something their competition cannot.

Why do growers love the SEQUOIA® Cherry?

The SEQUOIA® Cherry offers growers an early cherry that is a strong producer and is significantly “cleaner” in respect to grade defects compared to competing cultivars in the same timeframe.  For a grower, that means the chance for a good crop with a higher percentage of the picked crop actually making it into a carton instead of being sent down the cull shoot. Additionally, the SEQUOIA® is significantly more rain resistant than its major competing cultivar. Although there has not been a scientific study, anecdotal evidence suggests that the major competing variety to SEQUOIA® will have from 300 to 500% more damage in rain events in the same orchards than the SEQUOIA®. The mitigation of loss of crop is significant. That crop loss mitigation also lends confidence to the trade that more fruit will be available in the event of inclement weather.

What is the SEQUOIA® Cherry?

SEQUOIA® is a tradename for fresh cherries. The name has been predominantly used for the exclusive, proprietary, patented cultivar of cherry, the Glenred USPP12859. The Glenred was developed by Bradford Genetics for Warmerdam Packing LLC, as part of the “SEQUOIA® Program” which developed multiple cultivars with similar desired characteristics. In the United States of America, the SEQUOIA® Program is also sublicensed to Stemilt Orchards in Washington State. The tradename SEQUOIA® is a registered trademark of Warmerdam Packing LLC.